Chia seeds are available in two colors white and black. However, do you ever think that their taste are not the same because of their colors? And you are possibly thinking that the nutritious content that each seeds can offer is the same. As you know, chia seeds offer the benefits like healthy heart, weight loss and to fee energetic. In this article you will know if there is difference between black and white chia seeds.

Is White Chia Better Than Black Chia?

Some producers of white chia seeds brands claims that white chia is more valuable than black chia seeds. By this you will not anymore interested on the facts about black chia seeds benefits as well because you will only choose white chia. However, if you want concrete evidence for this matter, well there is not certain conclusive evidence.

As a matter of fact, some people claim that black chia seeds are more effective than white because they do have enough anti-oxidants. Again, there are no strong proofs or evidence that accepts this claim.

Where Does White Chia Come From?

Before you decide, it would also best to know how white and black chia are planted and harvested. The main question is, are they completely different crops? Actually, they are not different they are exactly the same.

The answer is simple, when they are harvested white chia are separated from the ones that are colored black, which means they grow as one. As you thoroughly inspect a jar of black chia, you will notice that not all of the seed are black, some of them are brown, beige and grey. It also means that they are only just the same with the color is the only difference.

Furthermore, it is also essential to cut down the thinking that white chia seeds are more superior than black, as what marketers claims because they are just the same the only difference is the color, which means the benefits that you can get from them are similar.

Does All Chia Have the Same Health Benefits?

Unfortunately, no because although the main difference is their color, you have also to consider the various aspects such as the crops location, the soil used as well as the growing conditions of the seeds. It means if the soil is healthy, the chia seeds can offer benefits but if they are poorly grown the result is also poor.

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