Equality suggests that everyone is at the same level, although the writer, G. Orwell did suggest that while everyone was equal, some were more equal than others!! On the other hand, equity, especially if applied to business indicates having shares within the business.

Equity applies to fairness or the outcome being the same for all. Equality relates to having a commonality when values and qualities are all at the same level.

To express the differences between equity and equality it is better to outline an example.

A family sit for a Thanksgiving dinner. A large turkey is on the menu. Equality would mean that each member of the family would get exactly the same sized portion of the turkey

In this instance, equity would mean that each member of the family would receive a portion of the turkey in accordance with his or her needs. The adults would receive larger portions of the turkey, and smaller portions would be given to the children.

When we speak in terms of equity, we are referring to senses of justice, fairness, and even handedness, or impartiality. Equality is related to exact portions or divisions being shared .Each person receiving the same treatment.

The feminist movement expresses the difference between equality and equity. Equality with men cannot be given to women for the simple reason that woman are different to men, and cannot be treated the same. Certainly females could have equity with men and would qualify for the same rights as men.

The difference can again be demonstrated by the political difference between communism and capitalism. Under communism every one is supposedly equal (some more than others?) and all get an equal share of everything from the state, presumable including pay?

Capitalism adopts an approach of equity, where produce and wealth are distributed in accordance with merit and personal productivity.

Although seemingly similar, equity and equality are in fact quite different, as the following summaries will show.

-          Equality, by definition assumes that everyone is at the same level, however if a person is more intelligent, or more productive then he or she is of a status which has more equity.

-          Equity is often used in the business sense and relates to a person having equity or shares in the business. But the number of shares held, may not be equal to the number of shares held by another shareholder.

-          Equality refers to sameness, whereas equity relates to different levels of equality.

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